Program Tracks

The table below describes the program tracks available and a few examples of presentation topics that might be addressed in each track.

Track Title & Description

Examples of Potential Topics

Community Building 

How are you bringing technology and people together either at the campus level or across UC Tech? Whether it is through communities of practice, social, or networking events, our communities have evolved, and (re)building connections is more important than ever.

How has our tech community evolved; what does our community need to thrive and be reinspired; how can we remain resilient with limited resources; what role does governance play in helping to manage resources and be strategic about IT spending; how does leadership need to shift in this new paradigm; these are just a few examples of the topics this track might address.

Cultural Strategies 

Across the UCs we are seeing a genuine commitment to consistently building and nurturing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, justice, and accessibility. How is your campus fostering inclusive workplace culture and implementing DEIBJA into the foundation of your values and day-to-day operations? What are the digital accessibility issues we are facing and how can we collectively get better at delivering content everyone can access?

What are the top DEIBJA issues we need to address in higher ed technology; where do we stand on the digital accessibility front and how can we collaborate UC-wide to provide better access for all; how do we continue to build and nurture equity in work/life balance for our UC Tech community, equity in student technology, tech policy, hiring processes, and more; what is the pulse of women in technology; bring any ideas you have related to these types of topics to this track.

Future of IT

What trends and strategies are coming to IT, and how are you preparing to address them? How are you leveraging and resolving any challenges with remote work? Share inspiration about the future of IT, including any challenges we face or opportunities we have in higher ed and how we can best plan, structure, and leverage technology to meet the world's needs ahead. 

What trends and strategies are you foreseeing and how are you thinking of addressing them; how do we attract and retain talent; what innovative ideas can be tapped to empower a new era of technical support; what role does IT play in increasing enrollment and the bottom line; Saas, ERP, and CRM: an alphabet soup of opportunity. This track will include ideas on what rises to mind as we contemplate all that is to come in technical services and support in higher ed.

Health IT 

Whether rolling out a new system for health IT management or a new technology that directly helps with patient care, share what innovative solutions your team has brought to healthcare.

What research and clinical care topics align with IT and the health campuses; what are the emerging trends in health IT management; how do healthcare regulations help or hinder the ability to provide innovative solutions; we will tackle the top issues being faced by our technical colleagues at UC campuses that have medical centers.

Research Computing & Data

Share how you are providing and delivering the tools, products, and services needed to not only sustain research computing and data but to empower your campus to grow.

As a top research university system, what are the steps needed to move from data insights into data action; what are the evolving trends in research computing and data; how can we plan for the future in this area while balancing resource challenges; bring ideas you have around research computing and data to the conference.

Security & Privacy

Against the ever-changing landscape of cyber security, how does your campus stay on top of new threats and educate the community on how not to fall victim while also protecting individual privacy and data.

How do we stay resilient against cyber threats; what are the parameters for the ethical use of data/technology while respecting privacy; what are the pathways for existing tech professionals to transition to a career in the growing field of cybersecurity; this track will cover any topics related to security or privacy as individuals, in teams, and as a higher ed organization.

Teaching & Learning

Along with research and public service, the core of UC’s mission is teaching and learning. Let's share inspiration on projects completed or underway that support this critical work. 

What technological structures have you implemented to improve the student learning experience and/or to improve instruction; what does the future of instruction look like; what technological opportunities do we have to improve the student experience; how do we meet the demands of hybrid teaching and learning; what are the latest innovations in AI for learning; how can teaching and learning be reinspired to further integrate research more seamlessly; what are the learning spaces (physical and virtual) that will power the next generation of teaching and learning. 

Thank you for your session proposals!

We were excited to receive a record-breaking 207 session proposals for UC Tech 2023: Resilient, Rising & Reinspired, happening July 17-19 on the UC Berkeley campus. Below is the information shared during the call for proposals.

Proposal Info Sessions

Have you worked on something you're proud of? Looking for a way to share it with a wider audience? Present it at the UC Tech conference! Join one or all of these sessions with our UC Tech co-hosts at UCSF to learn how to submit a winning UC Tech session proposal from experienced presenters. You will get tips and techniques to make your proposal stand out from the crowd.  These sessions are available in addition to your campus’s own efforts to assist with the proposal process.

The UC Tech Conference is a great place to share your work with a wider audience and connect with people working on the same problems you face every day.

Submit Your Proposal by Feb. 21

It’s easy: fill out the short form (~15 minutes) and submit it by Feb. 21. We have designed the form to walk you through some questions to let us know your desired presentation format, title, description, etc. Here is some info to help you prepare:

  • Proposals will be accepted from members of the UC community only (no sponsors or vendors please unless presenting as part of a UC team's session).
  • You will need a title for your presentation (aim for less than 10 words) along with a description of your session (less than 300 words).
  • This will be a hybrid event, you have the option to present in person on the UC Berkeley campus or virtually.

  • All sessions will be either 45- or 90- minutes in duration depending on the format.

  • You’ll choose a program track related to your presentation proposal (see below).

  • Presentations will be selected based on relevance, subject-matter expertise of presenter(s), and the number of concurrent sessions needed. Proposals that reflect this year’s theme of Resilient, Rising & Reinspired will take priority in the selection process. 

  • If your presentation is selected, you'll have access to the registration system to be able to make edits to your title, and description, add your bio, photo, and more.
  • Conference registration will be waived for presenters. In the case where there are multiple presenters for a single session, one conference registration will be waived for the primary presenter (listed first in the form).

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Creating Inclusive & Accessible Presentations

As planning continues for UC Tech, we are committed to creating a conference where diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, justice, and accessibility (DEIBJA) are at the foundation of everything we do. We don’t ask or expect every presentation to include topics and education in these areas. However, we do want presenters to create inclusive and accessible presentations and spaces for conference attendees. Here are some resources to help you plan a presentation to ensure the audience is engaged and participants feel a sense of belonging:

Please let us know if you have other resources to include here. Email your suggestions to