UC Tech Workstream Leads

Our UC Tech Workstream Leads are Rockstars

We would not have been able to pull off this year's conference without the collaboration, intensive efforts, long work days, flexibility, and creativity from our Workstream Leads. Thank you for all your time and dedication to making UC Tech 2023 a success!

  • Accessibility: Thea Chhun
  • AV Tech Support: Wayne Kuang
  • Command Center Coordination: Dorice Exline
  • Communications: Rita Rosenthal
  • Professional Photography/Videography: Yoshita Mukherjee
  • Reception/Registration: Cristóbal Olivares
  • Session Facilitators: Jon Bates & Scott Nemes
  • Sponsors: Mira Roseman & Lisa Hisson
  • Student IT Employee Experience: Cristóbal Olivares & Amanda Bent
  • Venue/Catering: Theresa Ajari & Margarita Zeglin
  • VIP Coordinator: Simone Burns
  • Volunteer Coordination / Event Day Support: Luqi Jia & Summer Scanlan