Speakers FAQs


Speaker Resource Center

Speaker Resource Center- Log into the Speaker Resource Center to edit your bios, upload your photo and presentations.

Presenter Bios and Photos

For each person presenting in your session, add/edit your bios within the Speaker Resource Center (100 words max per person) and upload your profile picture.

Uploading Presentations

There are 2 spots you need to upload your slide deck presentation to:

  1. The Speaker Resource Center

  2. The UC Tech 2023 google drive - Speaker Presentations

  3. Upload Only THE LATEST version (1 version)

What’s the deadline for uploading presentations into the Speakers Hub?

June 30, 2023

UC Tech Branded Presentation Templates

 If you plan on using a slide deck you can use one of these designs:

Creating Inclusive & Accessible Presentations 

We are committed to creating a conference where diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, justice, and accessibility (DEIBJA) are at the foundation of everything we do. We don’t ask or expect every presentation to include topics and education in these areas. However, we do want presenters to create inclusive and accessible presentations and spaces for conference attendees. Here are some resources to help you plan a presentation to ensure the audience is engaged and participants feel a sense of belonging:

What will session rooms be equipped with?

All rooms will be equipped with:

  • WiFi

  • Projector

  • Microphone

  • Water for the presenter table

  • A camera and camera person filming the livestream

  • A presentation laptop for the presenter

  • A/V Audio/Webcast Tech to start/end live streaming

  • A volunteer session facilitator to help keep time, monitor the virtual audience chat/Q&A

  • A/V Tech support volunteer to troubleshoot problems and assist as needed

Will my session be allowed to go over if I need the extra time?

No. As this is a hybrid event, all session times will be strictly enforced by the session facilitator. We need lead time before each session to prepare the live stream. We are asking that presenters be very aware of the time during their sessions, and end their sessions when notified by the session facilitator.

Will I have to stay in front of my laptop camera for my hybrid session?

No, there will be a camera person filming the presenter(s) throughout the session. You may move freely, but we ask that you be aware of the camera’s location.

What technology will be used for the virtual audiences and livestream?

We are using CVENT’s Zoom for the hybrid and virtual sessions. Speaker instructions & checklists will be made available prior to the event.

Will there be any speaker training?

We are planning two speaker training and Q&A sessions before the event. We will record the sessions for those who can’t attend the live training.

What do speakers need to bring?

  • The presenters at UC Tech 2023 do NOT need to use their own laptop for presentation. 

  • Presenters may also bring their own laptop chargers and laptop batteries as a backup. 

  • A small number of spare laptops will be available for emergencies only, but there is no guarantee a spare laptop will be available for you. Therefore, it is imperative that you bring your own laptop, batteries, and chargers.

Are rooms available for in-person speakers who are delivering virtual presentations?

Unfortunately, space is very limited. If you are staying in a hotel, we strongly encourage you to use your hotel room or quiet space in your hotel or on campus to deliver your presentation.

How will the rooms be configured for my hybrid session?

All rooms will be configured with lecture style seating. 

My session is very interactive. Can I have the room where I’m presenting configured in another way?

No, we cannot reconfigure the rooms due to limited space and resources for this conference.

I’m very excited to be presenting at this year’s UC Tech! Can I bring family members, colleagues, and others to view my presentation?

No. Due to limited space and resources, we are asking that only registered attendees participate in the presentations. Remember, your presentation will be recorded for later viewing.